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Meet the
Happy Couples Bot...

The Personal Communication Robot for Couples!

“I had no idea that helping plan my daughter’s wedding made my husband happy! I thought we were bothering him. Seeing that notice was such a shock. Now we’re including him so much more and he’s loving it.”

-Carol, Knoxville, TN

“She always wanted me to remember the day we met. I was never going to remember the day we met. She programmed it as one of her Important Dates and I got three reminders that it was that day. It was such a relief! And I was able to do something special for her.”

-George, Albuquerque, NM

“Once I started getting notifications reminding me how much Alec loved holding hands, I started remembering to do it. It was so simple, but it made us both so happy.”

-David, Valley Village, CA


  • Sends gentle reminders via text message to your sweetheart of what makes you happy about the relationship
  • Helps both of you remember the dates that matter most to the other person
  • Improves communication between people
  • Enhances the experience of being together
  • Allows each user to link to only one other person — this is for committed couples!


  • There is nothing to download
  • Nothing to remember to open
  • No Android vs. iOS problem
  • Update and upload changes instantly
  • Notifications are via text message, so easy to access and retain

You tell the Happy Couples Bot what you love…and the bot does the rest!

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